The Role of Religion in Society and Politics in Europe

    or: Three Myths of Secularity in Europe

    Auszug: „Nine out of 10 people will mention secularity as a defining characteristic of contemporary societies when asked about the relationship between religion, society and politics in European countries. Only few will note that the notion of a secular Europe has  been from the very beginning a case of abstract normative theorizing rather than a state of lived political reality. The myth of secularism has been told as follows: economy, science and state would be increasingly separated and independent from religious influence; this would result in the privatization of religion, its removal from the  public sphere and in the most extreme vision, in the disappearance of religion as known thus far.“

    Sven W. Speer: The Role of Religion in Society and Politics in Europe, or: Three Myths of Secularity in Europe, in: Ronald Meinardus (Hg.): Bridging the Gap – An Arab-European Dialogue on the Basics of Liberalism, Kairo 2014.

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    Dr. Sven Speer
    Dr. Sven Speer ist Vorsitzender des Forums Offene Religionspolitik (FOR) seit dessen Gründung 2011. Als Mitarbeiter und im Rahmen von Vorträgen und Gutachten berät er Regierungsorganisationen, Abgeordnete, Religionsgemeinschaften und Verbände zum Verhältnis von Staat und Religion – u.a. in Berlin, Jerusalem, Beirut, Kairo, Washington D.C., Houston und Salt Lake City. Speer hat Politikwissenschaft und Geschichte studiert und am Exzellenzcluster ‚Religion und Politik‘, am German Marshall Fund of the United States und am Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien zur politischen Regulierung von Religion geforscht.