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Speer at Samir Kassir Foundation in Beirut

On occasion of the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Lebanese Journalist Samir Kassir, the Samir Kassir Foundation hosted the Beirut Spring Festival from May 3rd to June 6th. Several discussions will address issues of freedom and democracy.

Sven Speer, chairman of the Open Religious Policy Forum, will have a discussion with Abbas Halabi from the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Committee (Lebanon), Nabila Hamza from Egalité et Parité (Tunisia) and the member of parliament Farid El-Khazen (Lebanon). LBCI moderator Dalal Mawad will be the host of the evening.

The issues raised will focus on the question whether and how religion and democracy are compatible in general and in the Arab World especially. Can religious forces be integrated in democracies or are they an – occasionally lethal – threat for democratization processes?

Here you will find more information about the event: http://samirkassirfoundation.org/en/Samir-Kassir-Foundation/Activities-Projects/The-Beirut-Ideas-Democracy-and-the-religious-challenge