Open Religious Policy Forum

Founded in 2011, the Open Religious Policy Forum (FOR) is the only German institution advocating for religious freedom for adherents of all religions and none. Members are Christians of several denominations, Muslims, Agnostics and Atheists. We formed an association in order to adjust the relationship of state and religion to the religious and ideological diversity. We are not searching for the ultimate answers in life. We do not discuss which religion or philosophy is right. We want to find and advocate a way, in which people of the most different religious and philosophic backgrounds can cope with each other peacefully. While public discussions stress the antagonisms, we make clear: Despite we are so different, there is always a way to cope with challenges together. You may invite our speakers worldwide.

Executive Board

Sven W. Speer


Research, Public Outreach

Yvonne Försterling

Vice President

Organisation, Events

Christian Willenbrock

Vice President

Organisation, Finances

Benjamin Stoffers



Research Assistants

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Blume

Helmut Fink

Dr. Ralf Grünke

Eren Güvercin

Dr. Georg Neureither

Dr. Andreas Püttmann

Prof. Dr. Richard Traunmüller